Better hearing doesn’t just help individuals.

It helps the entire family.

Professional Audiology Clinic is Edmonton’s family-focused hearing clinic.

We remove the barriers to confident hearing – for you and your family.

Professional Audiology Clinic has been helping Edmonton families hear better for over 30 years. We connect you with the technology and support so you and your family can hear better.

Latest diagnostic and hearing technology

Our audiologists use the latest diagnostic technology to understand your challenges and find the treatment and devices that fits

From kids to adults

All ages deserve access to confident and comfortable hearing. The Professional Audiology team and our diagnostic equipment are specialized to welcome all ages.

Edmonton’s top audiologists

You can be confident that your hearing solutions are the best match. Our team of university-trained audiologists will dedicate their time and attention at every appointment.

Hearing health is a journey

Professional Audiology Edmonton will be with you at every step.

For over 30 years, Professional Audiology has been serving Edmonton families. Our dedication to personalized care and understanding of the latest technology means you will have access to the optimal options for your hearing health – for today and in the future.

Here are the steps to removing the barriers to confident hearing.

Schedule an assessment

Book an assessment and discuss your challenges and solutions with one of our professional audiologists. We will make sure you understand how you hear and the options available.

Select a hearing solution

Hearing aids are one option to improve hearing, but they are certainly not the only choice. We will connect you with the technology or rehabilitation options that fit your challenges, lifestyle and budget.

Ongoing support

As your hearing and lifestyle changes, we will routinely review the best options. And we will make sure any hearing devices fit, function and work the best they can.

What They’re Saying About Us

“I kept asking people to repeat themselves and being embarrassed when I could not hear their responses. Kathleen provided clear, easy to understand explanations about my hearing test results.”

David K,Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

“My son has grown up with amazing support from Professional Audiology for the over 10 years. This experience would not have been the same without them.”

Jenn,Fort McMurray, Alberta

Connecting you to the latest technology and research

The team at Professional Audiology Clinic strives to help you meet your hearing goals. Our professional audiologists connect you with the latest medical research and technology so you can achieve enhanced hearing and confidence.

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