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We believe we can break down barriers to a hearing world. Our passion is helping children and adults hear the best they can while living the life they want to live. Every day our patients rely on us to provide the latest in state of the art hearing technology customized to each patient’s unique hearing needs. Together we are committed to enhancing your quality of life by helping you achieve your greatest hearing potential. Our team provides you exceptional hearing healthcare with university trained audiologists who know what you are going through and are ready to help.

Our Community

At Professional Audiology Clinic we believe that we have a responsibility to community that extends beyond our day to day work at the Clinic. “Giving back” is important to us and we do so by volunteering our time and financial support to many organizations.

Professional Staff


Kathleen Jones,

Doctor of Audiology

A proud owner of Professional Audiology Clinic since 2001, Kathleen was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She earned her doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree from Salus University in Pennsylvania.  She also holds Bachelor of Science degree and a Master degree in…
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Rhys Kooistra,

Registered Audiologist

Rhys was born and raised in Vernon, BC, had has lived and studied in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the King’s University in Edmonton in 2006 and his Master of Clinical Science in Audiology from Western…
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Kayla Danino,

Registered Audiologist

Kayla is currently on maternity leave until August 2019.
Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kayla spent the last 2 years working to complete her Masters of Clinical Sciences in Audiology at Western University in London, Ontario.
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Sandra Portrait

Sandra Abed,

Doctor of Audiology

Sandra moved to Edmonton, Alberta from the United States where she practiced as an audiologist in multiple states. She graduated with her Audiology Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in 2016 and began her career in Houston, Texas.
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Frequently asked questions/ FAQs:

  • Does hearing technology have additional benefits and features?

    There are LOTS of options available for hearing devices including communication with your cell phone or TV. Don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Why does hearing technology cost so much?

    Unlike other kinds of electronic technology, such as computers and televisions, the volume of hearing aid sales is quite small. The research to develop new hearing technology is expensive. One company reportedly spent $50 million to develop one of their advanced hearing device circuits. The research costs are recouped by a smaller number of users of the technology; hence the price of the technology is higher.
    Another reason for the cost is the service component. Professional Audiology Clinic provides you with comprehensive services that include a personalized consultation and diagnostic testing to properly fit the hearing systems and ensure that your hearing is the best it can be.

  • What hearing system is best for me?

    Hearing technology brings sound back within your range. Appropriate systems for you depend on many factors such as hearing lifestyle needs, funding options, hearing loss and others that will ultimately determine your cost. For more information our friendly staff members can provide you with additional details to take home. There are various funding options from 3rd parties that you may want to ask us about as well.

  • When should I have my hearing checked? Do I need a referral for an appointment?

    You should check your hearing routinely throughout life, to ensure it’s performing at its optimum. No referral is needed to make an appointment with us and we always welcome new patients! We complete a comprehensive report with your test results and send a copy to you and your doctor.

Hearing Solutions

Hearing Devices

Hearing devices use amazing technology. They are ever-changing and are continually improving.  Here is a summary of the types of devices we fit at our clinic:


Behind-the-ear (BTE)

BTE hearing devices fit behind the ear and provide sound to the ear through a tube, which connects to an earpiece that sits inside the ear canal. BTE hearing devices can be used for all degrees of hearing losses. BTE hearing aids are our most popular style of device and offer remarkable flexibility for both adults and children. Because of their durability and the ability to “grow” with a child (by changing the earmold as the child grows), along with their compatibility with equipment for school such as personal FM systems, BTE hearing devices are typically recommended for children. Some BTE devices may also be “open-fit” devices, where the device is secured in the ear canal by a dome or custom-made ear piece, leaving the ear more open and cosmetically appealing.


Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) / Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC)

RRITE devices are similar to BTE devices, but the speaker (receiver) of the hearing device is placed inside the ear canal and a thin wire replaces the acoustic tube of the BTE device. The benefits of RITE devices include smaller size and more cosmetic appeal, minimal occlusion/plugged up feeling, and less feedback.


Full-Shell (FS), Half-shell, (HS) In-the-canal (ITC), Mini-canal (MC), Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC):

These devices are intended for mild to severe hearing loss. Their small size, with the receiver of the hearing device sitting closer to the eardrum, makes them among the most discrete options available. Their simplicity and ease of use can be an asset for individuals with dexterity issues or who rely on family members or caregivers for insertion of their hearing devices.


Lyric is the first extended wear hearing device that is 100% invisible. It is placed in the ear canal by one of our Lyric trained audiologists and can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for approximately 2 to 3 months at a time.
Because it remains in the ear canal 24/7 for months at a time, you don’t need to worry about daily hassles like putting the device on or taking it off, or changing batteries.
Lyric Benefits:

  • 100% Invisible
  • No daily insertion/removal/maintenance
  • No batteries to change

Lyric can be used during your daily activities, such as exercising, showering, talking on the phone, and sleeping. Lyric’s placement deep in the ear canal allows the outer ear (the pinna) to direct sound into the ear canal naturally, resulting in excellent sound quality.
*Not all ear canals and hearing difficulties are suitable for Lyrics. A Lyric candidacy assessment is available to determine eligibility.

Musician’s Products

Services for Musicians

Professional Audiology Clinic provides you with a complete and thorough hearing evaluation in order to assess your needs and determine your baseline hearing levels. Having a baseline is essential to knowing if you are protecting your hearing appropriately and to monitor your hearing over time.

Your evaluation may include:

  • Complete case history
  • Complete pure tone audiogram including air/bone conduction
  • Tympanometry to determine middle ear status
  • Otoacoustic Emissions to determine inner ear status
  • Detailed explanation of results
  • Recommendations for hearing conservation
  • Referrals when necessary

Just For Kids

There is a quote from an amazing audiologist, Mark Ross, which states “when someone has a hearing loss, the whole family has a hearing problem.”
Our approach to pediatrics and hearing involves the whole family. Hearing loss should not stop children from participating fully and successfully in life. We offer comprehensive services to help empower you and your child achieve his or her goals in school and in life. Our clinic fits hearing devices for children of all ages. In some cases, we work with two or three generations of patients from the same family, and it is amazing and inspiring to see these families grow over the years. We are passionate about working together with children and families dealing with the challenges of hearing loss and to guide you through the unique scenarios you may face. It is important to know that you are not alone.

Tips and Tricks

Having trouble keeping the hearing aid(s) on your little one’s ear? Here are a few suggestions others have used to help:

  • Silkawear is a website that offers a bonnet or hat that helps keep hearing aids from being pulled off. Developed by a mom who has a child who wears hearing aids too
  • Sometimes a little toupee tape will work as well just to keep the hearing aid on the back of the outer ear but it all depends on the shape and/or size of the child’s ear.
  • Most hearing aid manufacturers also provide a tether-like clip that will also help keep the hearing devices in.
  • Otoclips eargear, dino clips and critter clips can also make it fun

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Self Advocacy

Encourage children with hearing loss to identify their own strengths and needs. Students who can ask for assistance when necessary and proactively seek reasonable accommodations will serve themselves well in school and their future. Teachers need to be sensitive to a student’s level of comfort with regard to self-advocacy and may need to give some children phrases or strategies to use during stressful times. Some of these include:

  • “Please repeat the last part of the directions.”
  • “There’s a lot of noise in the hallway, could you please close the door?”
  • “I missed what Sam just said. Could you repeat it?”
  • “It really helps me understand you better when I can see your face.”


Hear like me
Success for Kids

Our Testimonials

I kept asking people to repeat themselves and being embarrassed when I could not hear their responses. Finally, I went to Professional Audiology Clinic where the friendly well trained staff and Kathleen, my Audiologist, made me feel comfortable and at ease. Kathleen provided clear, easy to understand explanations about my hearing test results.  She encouraged me to ask questions and ensured that I was properly fitted with my new hearing aid. Follow up visits were encouraged and I never felt rushed. I would encourage anyone experiencing hearing loss to take that first step and go to the Professional Audiology Clinic Ltd., you will be glad you did.

by David K, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Professional & family friendly, this team has welcomed us with open arms and given us hope when others could not. My son has grown up with amazing support from Professional Audiology for the over 10 years. This experience would not have been the same without them.

by Jenn, Fort McMurray, AB

Dr. Jones is truly a gifted audiologist. She did an amazing job with our son and is patient and kind with a delightful bedside manner. The facility is fantastic and the staff always treat you with a smile. We would not hesitate recommending Professional Audiology Clinic to anyone!

by Dave & Anita S, Edmonton, AB



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