Musician’s Products

Services for Musicians

Professional Audiology Clinic provides you with a complete and thorough hearing evaluation in order to assess your needs and determine your baseline hearing levels. Having a baseline is essential to knowing if you are protecting your hearing appropriately and to monitor your hearing over time.

Your evaluation may include:

  • Complete case history
  • Complete pure tone audiogram including air/bone conduction
  • Tympanometry to determine middle ear status
  • Otoacoustic Emissions to determine inner ear status
  • Detailed explanation of results
  • Recommendations for hearing conservation
  • Referrals when necessary

Specialised custom hearing protection:

We provide a variety of custom hearing protection including filtered musician’s ear plugs which allow you to enjoy your favorite instruments, concerts, and recordings with an authentic sound but at a safe level. Our musician’s ear plugs are available with interchangeable filters which allow you to alter the amount of attenuation to match your needs. Our state of the art verification equipment allows us to verify the effectiveness of your custom ear plugs to ensure a good fit and safety for your ears.

In-Ear Monitors

We offer a large range of in-ear musician’s monitors suited to meet your needs. In-ear monitors allow a musician to patch their preferred mix through custom made earpieces which double as hearing protection. In this way a performer can maintain excellent sound awareness without the risk of damaging their hearing. In-ear monitors can also be used as a substitute for headphones or earbuds for music appreciators of all kinds. They provide excellent sound quality, noise cancellation ideal for public spaces, and the comfort of a custom fit.

Artists we’ve worked with include:

  • Red Piano
  • Cirque de Soleil
  • Counting Crows