Spring Into Better Hearing

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There’s an old song that goes, “Spring is here. Why doesn’t my heart go dancing?” Why, indeed? Well, it could be because the guy in the song didn’t watch out for his hearing the last time spring rolled around.

Spring is a pretty and gentle season, in many ways, but it can also pack quite an auditory wallop. Keep in mind that anything over 85 decibels is considered a dangerous level of volume and consider the following:

Do you like to work on outdoor handyman projects? Your power tools can generate decibel levels north of 100. The same goes for simple things like getting back to lawn care. Lawn mowers clock in at around the 95+ decibel range. Leaf blowers and string trimmers put out serious decibels, too.

Are you a convertible driver? Does spring make you want to cruise the highway with the top down? Just remember that you’re taking away a layer of hearing protection every time you do. The road noise on a drop-top road trip has been measured in excess of that aforementioned 85 decibels.

What about motorcycles? If motorcycles are your passion, you already know they’re loud. And since spring fever and motorcycle fever go hand-in-hand, why not protect your ears as carefully as your helmet protects the head they’re connected to?

We’re not done yet!

Do you like live music? Keep in mind that, just because you might be at an outdoor concert venue, the sound remains the same. Whether you’re listening to a rock band or a classical orchestra, loud music is loud music. And the closer you sit to it, the closer your ears can get to dangerously high decibels.

We’re not suggesting that you avoid all the things you love come spring. Just remember—while it might look like a sweet and harmless time of year, it’s a kitten that can roar pretty loud at times

Fortunately, there are a number of very comfortable options out there for protecting your hearing in any number of situations. Talk to the pros at your local hearing center and ask them to show you their range of options.

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