For Hearing Aids, The Times They Are A-Chargin’

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Hearing aids get treated with about as much respect as TV remotes. The goal is often to just keep the batteries fresh. There’s too much worth hearing to risk missing it because of the uncertain life-expectancy of a standard battery.

There are a lot of very important personal electronics in our lives these days. The ones we depend on most tend to have an important thing in common. They’re rechargeable. Smartphones, laptops, tablets—it makes sense to be able to charge them on the go.

But there’s an important piece of carry-around technology that has taken some time to catch up—hearing aids. Many people are still going out into the world each day, gambling on the freshness of the batteries in their hearing aids. A mobile phone sits in a pocket or handbag; a hearing aid is something people may actually depend on just to hear that phone.

It seems we haven’t given hearing aids the attention they deserve, despite their importance to the people who use them

Given how active people are these days, at all stages of life, hearing aid manufacturers have begun to explore ways of freeing people from the drudgery and expense that come with replacing disposable batteries. Actually, It’s more than drudgery for some people; anyone with some arthritis in the hands can have a very difficult time dealing with the battery-changing process.

Rechargeable hearing aids are definitely a welcome arrival on the scene. Here are just a few more reasons why:

Confidence: Start every day with a full charge, confident that your hearing aid will perform the way it should all day long.

Convenience: A hearing aid should be able to keep up with its owner’s lifestyle. Refresh your rechargeable anytime, anywhere you can find an electrical outlet.

Conservation: Environmentalists can take comfort in the fact that rechargeable hearing aids mean many fewer dead standard batteries in need of disposal.

Might you, or someone close to you, benefit by switching over to a rechargeable hearing aid? Talk to the professional staff at your local hearing clinic about the range of rechargeable options they offer.

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