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If you are reading this, it may mean you are looking for something more regarding your hearing health. Maybe you suspect hearing loss and are concerned, or you simply don’t like your existing hearing devices and are looking for something better.
Well, I am here to tell you my story- I’ve been practicing for over 18 years and I have finally got the courage to be authentic and share with you what I have gone through, in hopes of empowering you to do more.
I am an audiologist, a wife, a mother of two lovely daughters, a business owner and…a hearing aid wearer.
I was diagnosed at 6 years old when my family and teachers noticed my speech was like I had a few too many drinks- it was unclear and not improving as I grew older. After it was determined that I had hearing loss, I saw a wonderful audiologist that fit me with my first hearing aid. Actually, this audiologist is still practicing, and I feel very in debt to her for supporting me to where I am today.

Fast forward a few years, research was showing that hey, it might be a good idea to put hearing aids on BOTH ears if the hearing loss is binaural. That was when I got my second hearing aid; let me tell you – even though my brain was young, it was still a challenge to get used to hearing my voice through hearing aids and everything was even louder. I think it took me about 3 months to ‘get used to’ the sound! Finally, I pushed through and have never looked back.
BUT, I would say I still don’t like wearing new hearing aids the first few weeks or even new earpieces for that matter…I am just like you.
One of the pet peeves I have with healthcare and marketing is that many brochures, signs, commercials and what not have a bunch of old people. No one wants to feel old, and certainly no one wants to look like those old yahoos on the brochures either. No matter how much fun they look like they are having with their new hearing device or diabetic monitor, they still look ancient, or as my oldest daughter calls them ‘Elders’.
I am here to tell you that at the clinic, my amazing team and I see people of ALL ages- my youngest was 5 weeks and oldest so far is 108 (and on his 3rd girlfriend). So, no, hearing loss isn’t just about ‘old people’.
The goal of this blog is to empower you, to know you are not alone and to get you off the couch to do something about your hearing. I’m also here to help make your day and smile a little ?
So, this is my very first submission and there will be more to come,

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